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Chartres Calendar - December Events 2011

Are you looking for fun things to do in December events list?

We usually have snow in December... at least in this last two years... unusual heavy snow!

Bords de L'Eure
December Snow in Bords de L'Eure

when the snow falls too much, the road might get slippery and you might see some cars spinning and skiing on the street.

People, mostly who lives in the country side can not go to work because it is impossible to drive in this condition, no bus running on the street, occasional holidays for students.

No worry... these could be happened if the snows falls really really heavy... but it did... as I mentioned above, since this last 2 years.

The good news is... children can play snow balls war and decorating a snowman!

What could be the most popular Chartres events in December?

My top picks of December events in Chartres still include the continuation events of the previous months which are still on this month list.
There will be also theater shows and exhibitions.

December Events 2011
at Centre International du Vitrail

Stained Glass Exhibition of Kim en Joong

Kim En Joong Exhibition - Chartres
When: January 1 to December 31
Cost: 4€

Presents stained glasses creations of Kim en Joong, an international artist from Korea.

This time exhibitions theme is Entre Ciel et Terre - Between Heaven and Earth.

Les Vitraux de La Renaissance à Chartres

Vitraux de La Renaissance - Chartres
When: January 1 to December 31
Cost: 4€

Discover the stained glass art collections and history during Renaissance (15th - 16th century) in Chartres.

Méthamorphose - Photography exhibition

When: November 17 - December 18
Prieuré Saint Vincent
12 rue de La Porte Cendreuse

Enrico Isacco is the artist behind this photography exhibition.
He show us how he can well harmonize the lights and shapes that could modify our vision.

Christmas Market

When: December 10 - 24, from 10am to 7pm
Where: Place des Epars

The best moment to search for special gifts. You will have 14 chalets to go for shopping.

Please note the details market hours:

  • December 10 - 24 from 10am to 7pm
  • Weekend on December 10 and 17 opens until 9pm
  • December 24 opens until 4pm (Christmas Eve event will take place)

Christmas Attractions

Christmas attractions in Chartres
When: December 5 - 25
Where: Chartres city center

This is my best pick for December events - an annual tradition in Chartres to celebrate the holidays.

Various attractions for kids and the whole family, colorful lights hanging all over the trees and each corner of the city center.

This year theme is about Circus, so you will find most of the attractions related to this world. Spending your holidays here? Read more the details on Christmas in Chartres.

Walking the labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth at Chartres cathedral
When: December 16 at 8.30pm
Where: Chartres Cathedral

Rectorat de la Cathedrale organize a spiritual walking Chartres labyrinth on Friday night of December.

If you wish to join, please be there at 8.15pm at the North portal.

December Events 2011 at Theatre de Chartres

Theatre de Chartres
Boulevard Chasles - Chartres
Call: +33(0)237 23 45 79

Ivanov - Theater show
When: December 1 at 8.30pm
Adult: 22€ - children: 8€
Jean-Pierre Baro with Compagnie Extime present Ivanov from Anton Tchekhov, telling us about his scathing critique to the Russian well-off society in end of 19th century.

3 au Cube - Dance
When: December 14 at 8.30pm
Adult: 22€ - children: 8€
Dance performance from Compagnie X-Press. The choreographer, Abderzak Houmi, composes movement and sound with scenography light - three dansers one gesture.

Cocorico - Theater show
When: December 16 at 8.30pm
Adult: 22€ - children: 8€
Theater show with Patrice Thibaud et Philippe Leygnac.

December Events 2011
at Chartres Media Library - L'Apostrophe

Citybooks - meet Goce Smilewski

Citybooks: Potrait of Chartres
When: December 10 at 11am

You could have a chance to meet another Citybooks artist. This month goes to Goce Smileswki, a Macedonian essayist and playwright.
Do not miss the next meet with another artist! Learn more about Chartres on Citybooks.

Celebrating 40 years Video Games - Exhibition

When: November 8 to December 31

Bring you to look back the history of video games during the decades. Presents the equipments and accessories, the game itself also video games icons like Super Mario, Lara Croft, Pacman and more.

Celebrating 40 years Video Games - Discussion and demo
When: December 3 A discussion and several demos will take part of this celebration as well. Check out the programs as follows:

  • Video Game History Discussion
  • Time: at 11am
    Where: L'Apostrophe auditorium
  • Mario Kart Challenge
  • Time: at 2.30pm
    Where: L'Apostrophe - espace Musique et Cinéma
  • Games Demo
  • Time: at 10am to 12noon and 2pm to 5pm
    For all gamers, get the challenge and play some video games: Virtual boy, Vectrex, Videopac G7200, Pong, Supernintendo, Bomberman Saturn.

Please note... it might be important to confirm the date and location of September events 2011 as these schedule may not reflect changes or cancellation.

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