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La Petite Venise
and Parc des Bords de L'Eure

Nop! This is not Venice in Italy. La Petite Venise or the little Venice is a part Parc de Bords de L'Eure, where you can do a river cruising along the Eure river.

From its name we know that Parc des Bords de L'Eure is situated in the Eure river bank with 1.6 hectares wide.

More about river cruising

If river cruising is your intention, once you are in Parc des Bords de L'Eure, you should go to the rental service where you can rent a mini boat, canoe or pedalo.

La petite venise - Chartres

La Petite Venise

Please notice that the rental service is NOT all the year open so be sure to check first their opening time.

La Petite Venise Opening time

  • April - October: Monday - Saturday from 2pm, Sunday and holidays from 10.30am
  • July and August: Open daily from 10.30am
River cruising on pedalo i La Petite Venise

River cruising on pedalo

Rental Price:

  • Mini boat or Canadian canoe: Maximum for 4 persons, 10€ for 30 minutes - 16€ for an hour.
  • Pedalo: price for 30 minutes/1 hour:
  • For 2 persons: 10€/16€
    For 4 persons: 12€/19€
    For 5 persons: 13€/21€
    For 6 persons: 14€/23€

More information about this activities, simply contact the service authority here :

La Petite Venise
48 ter, Boulevard de la Courtille
28000 Chartres
Phone/Fax : +33 (0)237 91 03 65

More Things to do in Parc des Bords de L'Eure

A shady green public park with country side atmosphere... this should be a nice place to relax with family and friends.

The park has always more visitors in spring and summer seasons.

Free entry... but as always, be sure to check first the opening hours of Parc des Bords de L'Eure.

Chilling out in  Parc des Bords de L'Eure

Chilling out in summer in Parc des Bords de L'Eure

I often spend my afternoon time with my children and friends here. My kids love coming here to play in the playground. Feeding mallards and swans with breadcrumbs are their favorite fun...also playing in the playground.

There are two types of playgrounds in Parc des Bords de L'Eure - one for young children between 3 - 6 years old with a tiny hut with a slide and some others.

The playground

The playground for young children

Another one is a higher slide - for children more than 6 years old. My 3 years old boy like so much to play on this slide though... And when I forbid him to do so, he says "I am a big now, mum!" All I have to do is going back and forward to make sure that he is all fine.

A slide in La Petite Venise

My boy sliding on the higher "tobbogan"

Sometime we also bring some veggies to feed the animals on the mini zoo. Rabbits, goats and pigs are the inhabitant of the zoo. It used to be a unique peacock in the past, however we don't see it anymore...

Please note - it's forbidden to feed the animals with on-site plants.

The fowl in Parc des Bords de L'Eure

Observing the fowls

The kids enjoy discovering some various fowls such as birds, chickens, pheasant, turkeys which are placed in cages and also wild ducks - mallards and swans swimming on the river.

Mini Golf in Parc des Bords de L'Eure

The fun is not only for kids - but also for the whole family for example playing in the mini golf course.

The mini golf course

The mini golf course view from another angle

But this one is no more free...

Snack hut in Parc des Bords de L'Eure

If you need a snack or drink, there are two small huts that selling ice cream and snacks, plus another one on the access way to pedalo boat rental. We can drink and eat on site or take away.

Parc des Bords de L'Eure opening time

  • May to August: from 7.30am - 9pm.
  • March, April, September, October: from 7.30am - 7pm.
  • November - February: 7.30am - 5.30pm
  • Every Saturday and Sunday the park always open from 8am.

More Pictures of La Petite Venise and Parc des Bords de L'Eure
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Dense fog in La Petite Venise, Chartres

Misty morning over the river

Dense fog in La Petite Venise, Chartres Snow in La Petite Venise Summer time - Parc des Bords de L'Eure, Chartres Riding pedalo - La Petite Venise, Chartres

And still more pictures of Parc des Bords de L'Eure and La Petite Venise.

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