Discover Chartres
Historic urban travel destination in  France

Many people know Chartres as a perfect weekend break or a day trip from Paris, France.

They are right... it takes only about an hour trip by car or by train from Paris! You go in the morning, visit the cathedral then come back to the capital at the end of the day.

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That's all? Don't you want to discover something more?

I invite you to discover more about it, a medieval city the the center of France. This website is about real information from a real person, that's me, who are living a new life experience in the city since a few years ago.

I will do my best to give you the most information about:

So now, do you think you need only a weekend time or a day trip to discover that all? It is you who decide... a day, a week or a lifetime ?

This website continues to grow as I continue to explore and share my experience with you... so please keep coming back here often to follow my updates!


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What other have to say about DC website

Bonsoir, I hope my comments do not appear silly but I dreamt about walking a Labyrinth, I had had an operation on Friday, they told me the bleeding will last a month, it has stopped.
I was ordering a book on Amazon and came across the meaning of Labyrinths and was led to your website. I would love to visit the Cathedral, I am also a photographer so hopefully would capture the beautiful architecture.

Kind regards, Karen - UK

Hi, I has been in Chartres few days ago and your website has been very helpful to my wife and me to discover the city! This trip was for our honeymoon and we don't regret it at all! Continue this good stuff and again all our thanks ... Ciao, Roberto - Italy

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