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Chartres Calendar - September Events 2011

We're on the end of summer... Look inside September Events in Chartres!

It's school time in France! The long summer holiday is come to the end and everybody return to their ritual works.
But hey... it doesn't mean that there's no fun things to do in Chartres!

If you were in Chartres in this month and looking for fun things to do, keep exploring on September Events in Chartres.

Chartres en Lumières (continued from May 21)

When: May 21 to September 17
Where: 27 historic sites in Chartres center
Cost: free

The light show is about to end but still dominates the September events in Chartres. So if you haven't seen it or if you'd like to re-visit some illuminates places... you still have 2 weeks until the middle of September.

Don't miss the closing festival on 16 and 17 September!

You could visit the places by le petit chart'train - depart from cathedral (no reservation need for individual).

Le Dragon - Exhibition for Kids

When: until October 9
Musée des Beaux Arts
29, Cloître Notre-Dame
Call: +33(0)27 37 90 45 80
daily from 10am - 12noon, 2pm - 6pm
(close on Sunday morning and Tuesday)

This legend mysterious animal always brings curiosity to us specially to the kids - what the dragon looks like, do it has wings, the dragon flame...

This exhibition lets us discover different dragons in several continents - Japan, China, Europe.

An interesting events for kids, also for the adults as our childhood memories.

Kids Attractions - The Ferris Wheel

When: September 1 - 27
Where: Place Chatelet, Chartres
Cost: admission fee

Attractions especially for kids... and for you too! See Chartres from 33 meters Ferris wheel high! For younger kids, there is also a carrousel.

Ferris wheel ticket price from 3.50€ for one place while carrousel ticket price from 2.50€ per child.

The attractions open from 2pm until 11pm. Extra time until 1am on the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

September Events 2011
at Centre International du Vitrail Exhibitions

Stained Glass Exhibition of Kim en Joong

Kim En Joong Exhibition - Chartres
When: January 1 to December 31
Cost: 4€

Presents stained glasses creations of Kim en Joong, an international artist from Korea.

This time exhibitions theme is Entre Ciel et Terre - Between Heaven and Earth.

Les Vitraux de La Renaissance à Chartres

Vitraux de La Renaissance - Chartres
When: January 1 to December 31
Cost: 4€

Discover the stained glass art collections and history during Renaissance (15th - 16th century) in Chartres.

Demain Le Vitrail - CERFAV

When: June 6 to September 18
La Galerie du Vitrail (Stained Glass Gallery)
17 Cloître Notre-Dame
Call: +33(0)237 36 10 03
Cost: free

The art works of students and young professional of European Glass Arts Researches and Training Center (CERFAV)

René Oghia Aquarelles Exhibition

When: July 1 to September 25
Where: Conseil Général d'Eure-et-Loir, Place Châtelet - see map
Cost: free
Monday to Tuesday from 8.30am - 6pm
Friday from 8.30am - 4pm

René Oghia is a French watercolor painting artist. In this time exhibition, she presents her best art works with Paris architecture as her topic.

Chartres Nocturne Walking Tour

When: September 2
Where: departure point at Place Billard, Chartres center - see map
Cost: Free
More Information:
Direction de la jeunesse et des sports - call: +33 (0)237 18 47 70

Chartres Nocturne Tour will bring you to discover the city heritage (Balade semi-nocturne à travers Chartres) in group with other visitors.

You can choose 13 km tour option - start at 8.30pm; or 5 km tour option - start at 9pm.

Check out the circuit map then decide which option you wish to take part.

September Events 2011 at L'Apostrophe

150 years Celebration of Chartres Theater

Chartres Theatre
When: September 6 to December 31
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 10am - 7pm
Thursday from 2pm - 7pm
Saturday from 10am - 6pm

All things to know about the life of Chartres Theater in the past and present - the manuscripts, photos of the artists and more.

The Medicinal Chemistry - Herbs and Health Exhibition

When: September 6 to October 29

Celebrating the International Year of Chemistry and Science Festival - understand how the nature could be the main source of our health and the needs to its preservation.

Je Croqu'Eurélien - Night Market

Je Croqu'Eurélien - Chartres
When: September 9, from 6pm - 10pm
Where: Place du Cygne - see map
Cost: free
Jeune Chambre Economique de Chartres

Night market that highlight local products of Eure et Loir, where Chartres is the capital. A good event to discover the various of specialty foods and crafts of this region also features music performance from Totem Group and some entertainments. It's also a good moment if you are searching for some sweet vacation souvenirs.

You could discover and take a taste of local specialty foods. Here are what you could find in this night market - fresh fruits and veggies, spices and tea, dried foods, various types of flour, jams, cheese and apple juice, not to mention the famous local honey and the tasty macarons.

Also present authentic crafts creations - crafts lamps, clay figurines, wooden decoration for kids, glass works, leather crafts, wicker crafts, carpets and furniture, silver jewellery, cardboard furniture and painting.

Don't leave soon... still have more on September events in Chartres...

Fete de La Lumiere

When: September 16 and 17, from 6pm
Where: Chartres center
Cost: Free

The most favorite September Events. Closing the spectacular Chartres Light Show that started from May this year. This event features concerts, street entertainments and many more...

After reading the detail schedules for this events, what I should regret is why they plan several activities in several places within just 2 nights! Well... it's just my opinion...

My tips: select which entertainments you wish to attend and keep the detail schedules with you (map included).

Don't miss it... It's free!!

Feline Exhibition

Feline Exhibition - Chartres
September 24-25, from 10am - 6.30pm
Chartrexpo, Ravenne Room
Rue Jean Mermoz, 28000 Chartres
Call: +33 (0)237 28 29 37
Adults: 5€
5-12 years old: 3€
Free for children under 5 years old
Association Féline des Pays de Loire
Call: +33 (0)238 75 24 06

For all the cat lovers, this exhibition is for you! Discover almost 500 cats of all races, cat beauty contest and more related stuffs.

L'Odyssée 2nd Anniversary

L'Odyssée - Chartres
September 24 - 25
L'Odyssée Aquatic and Ice Rink Complex
rue du Médecin Général Beyne
28000 Chartres
Call: +33(0)2 37 25 33 33
Cost: free

Celebrating the second anniversary of L'Odyssée - the biggest aquatic and ice rink complex in France.

This year programs start on September 24 from:

  • 9am - 12noon: free water aerobic for all swimmers
  • Afternoon: have fun at the biggest inflatable aquatic structure in France.
  • Night celebration:
  • - Ice rink party and win prizes worth up to 5000 €
    - Giant birthday cake
    - Water polo match (free)

On September 25 from 9am - 11am: free breakfast for swimmers and skaters.

Please note... it might be important to confirm the date and location of September events 2011 as these schedule may not reflect changes or cancellation.

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