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Chartres Pass

Looking for Chartres Cheap Tour? Chartres Pass is the best deal for you!.

With this special coupon, you'll have the possibility to visit seven best museums and monuments in Chartres with discount prices.

Another good news... you'll have also special offers or discount up to 30% from hotels, restaurants and some tourists attractions.

It's really another way to save money for a memorable vacation in Chartres!

What is Chartres Pass?

It's a coupon which you can buy in Chartres Tourist Office with the price of 17,50€ available until 31 December 2012.

You'll find that with this coupon, you could pay less than you pay a single ticket for each entry to tourist attraction.

So if you plan a long vacation in Chartres and visit several places, this could be a best way to save a little here and there...

Chartres Pas

What are include in the coupon?

Already include in this coupon, your ticket to visit these places as follow

  • The famous Nôtre-Dame de Chartres, visit with guide or audio guide.
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts (not applicable to occasional exhibitions).
  • La Maison Picassiete - include a ticket with Filibus.
  • The International Stained Glass Center.
  • Le COMPA, the Conservatory of Agriculture.
  • City tour on the little train - le petit char'train (not applicable to nocturnal visits).
  • Walking tour with guide or audio guide.

Still more special offers...

You will get it! Special offers or discount up to 30% applicable to some tourist attractions as follow:

  • Visit the cathedral crypt and going up and marvel the amazing landscape from the cathedral north tower.
  • Boat riding or pédalo along La Petite Venise.
  • One show at Italian Theater of Chartres.

Wait! There are some more... special offers like free breakfast from hotels and bed and breakfast or even a free cup of coffee from some restaurants.

Where you can buy the coupon?

You can buy the coupon only in Chartres Tourist Office, which has moved to a new location.

Here is their new address:
Chartres Tourist Office (Formerly was Maison du Saumon)
Place de la Poissonnerie
CS 90189 - 28008 Chartres Cedex
Call: +33(0)237 18 26 26
Fax : +33(0)237 21 51 91

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