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La Maison Picassiette
The House of Millions Pieces

What could make this house different from others? La Maison Picassiette is not a common house like ours, it is a sample of naive architecture - beautiful, unusual... so amazing! Worth visiting while you're in Chartres.

The house of millions pieces... because it made of millions pieces of crockery, broken glasses, bottle caps and sort of then compiled into mosaics.

Raymond Isidore, the original house owner, began to build his house in 1930 and eight years later in 1938, he started to decorate his little house in mosaic.

He was walking in the field when suddenly he was attracted by the flickering colors of tiny pieces of glass, porcelain and crockery.

He collected and piled them in his garden. For this reason, he earn a mockery name as Picassiette means Pique (steal) assiette (plate).

Some people define Picassiette as Picasso Assiette.

Maison Picassiette

The entrance

He then began to decorate his interior wall house in mosaic with those pieces.

Firstly, only the wall, then he continued his works to the floor, the ceilings. He also did his works to the whole room including furniture - tables, chairs, bed... and the garden! All covered with mosaics!

Maison Picassiette - 2

La Trône du Balayeur

You could see that Raymond Isidore finally covered all his tiny house with mosaics, inside out!

Le Trône de L'Esprit du Ciel

Le Trône de L'Esprit du Ciel

Le Trône de L'Esprit du Ciel - with his wife, Raymond Isidore used to sit down here and watched their garden.

Maison Picassiette - monuments

Mur de Chartres

Beautiful art works - mosaics and paintings on the walls... flowers and animals, Monalisa of Da Vinci, even monuments like Cathedral de Chartres, Eiffel Tower, 1001 Nights Palace...

Maison Picassiette - Rose Window

La Grande Rosace

Raymond Isidore finished his art works in 1962, means almost 30 years of works in solo! He died two years later in 7 September 1964, just a day before his 65th birthday.

Chartres city classified this extraordinary art works as a monument in 1983.

The Picassiette House Opening Time

The Picassiette house is not all year open, so please check the opening time before visiting!

Opening time:

  • April 1 - June 30: from 10am until noon and 2pm - 5pm
  • May 2 - September 30: from 10am until noon and 2pm - 6pm
  • October 1 - 30: open only in weekend
  • Saturday from 10am until noon and 2pm - 6pm
    Sunday from 2pm - 6pm

Picassiette house is closed on :

  • Tuesday and Sunday morning
  • May 1 and 8
  • November 1 to March 31

Maison Picassiette garden

The garden

Ticket Price:

  • Individual: 5.20€
  • Free for below 18 years old
  • Reduced price for students and groups of 10 persons or more
  • Plan to visit Fine Art Museum? Twin ticket with La Maison Picassiette could interest you...
  • It will cost you 7.10€ to visit the house and Fine Art Museum (exclude the occasional exhibitions) or 9.20€ if you'd like to visit the house and the occasional exhibitions at Fine Art Museum.

Important: Please confirm the opening time and ticket prices as this information may not reflect changes!

How to get to the Picassiette House with Filibus

First, here the address:

Maison Picassiette - see map
22 rue du Repos
Call: +33 237 34 10 78
Fax : +33 237 90 45 90

Going on bus from Chartres center? Take Filibus line 4 direction La Madeleine then you should stop at Picassiette bus stop.

You'll know this once you hear the lady voice or read on board "Prochaine arrêt: Picassiette"... don't forget to press the stop button!

If you're confused... simply ask the bus driver, he or she'll understand.

Tip: If you have Chartres Pass, the bus ticket is already include in it.

Les Rencontres Internationales de Mosaique

Since 1996, an international meeting of mosaics has been held every two years in Chartres. This event welcome the mosaic artists from 15 nations to win the awards - Prix Picassiette for professionals, amateurs insiders, amateurs and youths group categories. 

The next Prix Picassiette will be on October 20 until November 11 at the Chapel of Lycée Fulbert 2018.

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