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Chartres Events March 2014

What's include on Chartres Events March 2014 list and what could be the best thing to do? Just keep on reading!

Big events this month should be the annual Chartres Harpsichord Festival which will be held on late of March, this year horse racing at Chartres Hippodrome will be start also in this month until December.

Chartres flea market, on-going events and this is my must do things - Salon du Chocolat - hey... I am a big fan of chocolate so I would not miss this! If you are too... just come and we will meet there...

Now it is time to unwrapped Chartres Events March 2014 package...

Cooking Class

Cooking class

Where: Maison du Saumon, 8 rue de la Poissonnerie
Reservation :
Call : +33(0)2 37 18 26 23/24 or
Email: resa@otchartres.fr

All classes start from 2.30pm

  • March 1 : Cooking class for adults - Eclair au Chocolat et café, cost: 23.90€/person.
  • March 22 : Cooking class for adults - Cornes de Gazelle, cost: 23.90€/person.
  • March 26 : Cooking class for kids (8 - 14 years old) - Muffins au petite bonbons chocolaté, cost: 17€/child

Horse Racing

March 2, 17, 31 from 11am
March 16 and 30 from 2pm
Where: Hippodrome de Chartres, 12 rue Jean Monnet
Call: +33(0)237 34 93 73
Entry admission: 5€

Hippodrome de Chartres is the most important one in the Centre region. The annual racing starts on March until end of the year. Kids can also have fun with some attractions like mini racing and bouncy castle.

Theater, Music and Dance Shows

Chartres Events March at Theatre de Chartres

Theatre de Chartres, Boulevard Chasles, +33 (0) 237 23 42 79

  • March 11: Comme S'il en Pleuvait - theater, Pierre Arditi, ticket price for adult: 32€, under 25: 23€, children: 15€.
  • March 15: Au Temps Des Impressionnistes - classical French music, ticket price for adult: 12€, under 25: 7€, children: 5€.
  • March 18: Le Porteur d'Histoire- theater, Alexis Michalik, ticket price for adult: 23€, under 25: 15€, children: 9€.
  • March 29: Tout Offenbach, Ou Presque - musical show, by Alain Sachs, ticket price for adult: 23€, under 25: 15€, children: 9€.

All theater and music shows start from 8.30pm

Chartres Harpsichords Festival

This is the main event in Chartres Events March 2014 list - the annual festival Les Clavecins de Chartres, will be held in two places: 

  • March 29, 8pm - Soloist, choir and orchestra at St. Aignan church
  • March 30, 5.30pm - Soprano and bass at Musée des Beaux-Arts
  • April 6, 5.30pm - Harpsichords recital at Musée des Beaux-Arts
  • Call for more information: +33(0)130 59 25 65

Salon du Chocolat

When: March 22 & 23 from 9.30am - 7pm
Where: Chartrexpo, rue Jean Mermoz
Cost: 4€, free for under 16
Call: +33(0)2 37 28 29 37

Salon du Chocolat and Chartres Flea Market takes place at the same time in Chartrexpo. Last year experience was you will need only one entry ticket for both events!

Puce de Chartres

Chartres Flea Market

When: March 22 and 23, from 9.30am to 7pm
Where: Chartrexpo, rue Jean Mermoz
Cost: 4€, free for under 16
Call: +33(0)237 28 29 37

It´s the annual Chartres Flea Market - With 4€ entry ticket (free for under 16) you can hunt for numbers of used objects and classic arts can be found in this market not to mention the precious things like books, lamps, furniture and many more. A perfect place for classic arts collectors. Happy hunting!

Eure et Loir Open Taekwondo 2014

When: March 23 from 9.30am to 6pm
Where: Jean Cochet Sport Hall, rue Jean Monnet
Cost: free

The second edition of Eure et Loir Open Taekwondo for all categories. The competition will be using electronic body protectors. Refreshments, souvenirs and equipments stands available on site.

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