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Chartres Calendar - August Events 2011

Now what's on August Events of Chartres Calendar 2011...

We're in the second month of long vacation in Chartres and the whole France of course...Some already came back from their days off while others just start preparing their summer holiday.

So if you were still looking for fantastic things to do in Chartres this month, just keep exploring the major schedules of August Events 2011.

Chartres en Lumières (continued from May 21)

When: May 21 to September 17
Where: 27 historic sites in Chartres center
Cost: free

Chartres Light Show - Italian Theatre
Italian Theatre
during Chartres Light Show

Chartres Light Show - continued from May... magic illumination on 27 historic sites in Chartres city center.

If you haven't seen all the illuminated sites, well no need to worry... you'll have enough time until September.

You could visit the places by le petit chart'train - depart from cathedral (no reservation need for individual).

Chartres Summer Festivals

When: June 30 to August 27 at 09pm
Where: Chartres center
Cost: free
More information:
http://www.chartrestivales.com or call: +33 237 18 26 26

Chartres Summer Festivals (Soirées Estivales de Chartres) - free entertainments for all age during the summer vacation.
Music of any styles and theater shows at different places in Chartres center include also organ concerts in cathedral.
If you're interested, please check out all the detail events schedule of the festivals.

Le Dragon - Exhibition for Kids

When: until October 9
Where: Musée des Beaux Arts - see map

Chartres Fine Arts Museum
The Fine Arts Museum
(Musée des Beaux Arts)

This legend mysterious animal always brings curiosity to us specially to the kids - what the dragon looks like, do it has wings, the dragon flame...

This exhibition lets us discover different dragons in several continents - Japan, China, Europe.

An interesting events for kids, also for the adults as our childhood memories.

August Events 2011 in Centre International du Vitrail Exhibitions

  • Stained Glass Exhibition of Kim en Joong
  • Chartres Stained Glass Exhibition
    Stained Glass Exhibition
    When: January 1 to December 31
    Cost: 4€

    Presents stained glasses creations of Kim en Joong, an international artist from Korea.

    This time exhibitions theme is Entre Ciel et Terre - Between Heaven and Earth.

  • Les Vitraux de La Renaissance à Chartres
  • When: January 1 to December 31
    Cost: 4€

    Discover the stained glass art collections and history during Renaissance (15th - 16th century) in Chartres.

Festival International d'Orgue

When: Every Sunday from July 3 to August 28, at 04.30pm
Where: The Cathedral of Chartres
Cost: free

The 37th International Organ Festival - present musicians from several countries at the following date: • July 3 - Yuka Ishimaru (Japan)
• July 10 - Pierre Pincemaille (France)
• July 17 - Christophe Mantoux (France)
• July 24 - Ludger Lohmann (Germany)
• July 31 - Dong-Ill Shin (South Korea)
• August 7 - Vincent Warnier (France)
• August 14 - Patrick Delabre (France)
• August 21 - George Baker (USA)
• August 28 - Laszlo Fassang (Hongary)

August Events 2011 at Mediatheque - L'Apostrophe

  • Sculpting Exhibition
  • When: July 6 to August 27 The art works of an artist Konrad Loder, this time theme is Le Marteau et La Fourmi.
  • Screening film for kids
  • When: August 3 at 03.30pm This time film is Tom and Jerry of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The event will be for children from 4 years old.

Salsa en La Playa

When: August 27, from 04pm - 09pm
Where: Place des Epars
Cost: free
More information:
Call Ecole de Dance Massaro (the organizer) on +33 237 21 13 35

Place des Epars on summer
Place des Epars on summer

Dancing Salsa on the beach? Yup... dance for everyone! You must be wondering how come there's a beach in Chartres?

It is actually the water fountain at Place des Epars that turn out to be "a beach" during the summer.

Many people, mostly teens and kids, love to fresh up their bodies after the heat of the day, they even wearing swimsuit! ...just like on the real beach.

But tonight... everyone will dance Salsa!!

Please note... it might be important to confirm the date and location of events as these schedule may not reflect changes or cancellation.

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