» » Fête de La Lumière

» » Fête de La Lumière

Chartres Lights Festival

It was magic! The 10th years anniversary of Chartres Lights Festival! I've waited for this moment since the first time we moved in Chartres and finally, me and my kids have had a wonderful Saturday night!

With a travelogue in hand and some bottles of water, we trolled to the city center to witness the biggest event in the region (or perhaps in France?). And that night, all was perfect...friendly weather with starry sky! Unlike the last year event - wet and dismal night that got us stay at home.

Lights Festival Travelogue

Oh...you can have the free travelogue in the tourist office, the media library or sort of places. It's a handy book that covers all tonight's entertainments including a mini map. You can choose which entertainments you like to see and at what time. The mini map helps you to find the spots easily.

Some places have lack of light so consider to bring a flashlight to read what's on the travelogue.

Also I saw many photographers bringing tripods that night. So if you plan to bring your camera gears on your next Chartres Lights Festival, don't worry, you will not be the only one.

Our first visit was the cathedral - new scenographies on the royal facade interested us the most also some entertainments just around the place. As expected, it was the most crowded place of the night.

Chartres Cathedral Royal Portal

The glowing altar can be seen from outside of the royal portal.

When the cathedral facade turn to blue... there were more splendid illumination on the royal facade that night. Unfortunately I could not picture the cathedral from top to ground level. It was too crowded that we could not move easily anywhere we wanted.

Chartres Cathedral on The Lights Festival

The golden and purple color of the flying buttresses of the cathedral give a different look than usual tonight.

Fine-Art Muse

The crowds also assisted the illumination show on the back side facade of the Fine-Arts Museum.

Chartres Labyrinth Garde

The labyrinth garden turns into a snow fight zone! The snow was made of bits of white paper. Everyone young, kids and adults seemed to have a real fun!

Sous les jupes des filles

Sous les jupes des filles! My kids were so curios to discover what is under the girl's skirts and wonder how they were hanging there...

Hôtel de Ville de Chartres

Hôtel de Ville de Chartres turns into a giant digital puzzle! Your mission is to build a future municipal building within 2 minutes with a touch screen.

The giant luminous kite

The giant luminous kites - Les luminéoles! There were all three luminous kites that flying on about 30 m height. They changed colors periodically. My kids said they were more like flying fish.

European Short Course Swimming Championship 2012

The city municipal would not forget to use this occasion to promote the next international event on the cinema building - European Short Course Swimming Championship 2012 on November in L'Odyssée.

Not to mention the attraction for kids...and also for the older!

Finally we could not visit all the entertainments, there were almost 25 spots plus the regular illuminated historic sites. It was just impossible to see them all!

However we were having lots of fun although my kids were almost burn out! But still they said to me: "Mom, can't we visit it again next year?" Well of course... rendez-vous on the next Chartres Lights Festival.

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