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Bel Air Frescoes

Situated in the north of Chartres, Bel Air Frescoes used to be gray color social housings. The art work started in 2008 with the objective is to dress up the sad color 'gray' and turn them into giant mural paintings using trompe-l'œil method.

Four apartment buildings were magically 're-looked' as giant canvases with total surface of 4000 meter squares. Each house has its own theme of painting that represents the identity of the region: Bords de L'Eure, La Beauce, Chartres cathedral and perfumes.

Stained glass windows on Bel Air fresco

Art Mural that represents stained glass windows and old houses in Chartres

How to get to Bel Air Frescoes ?

I am talking about going there by Filibus. Take line 2 - direction Champol, it is the only bus line that serve this route. You should stop then at Arrête Bel Air.

Bel Air map board

The map board that shows you the location of Bel Air Frescoes

This map board, just next to the bus stop, shows you where Les Fresques de Bel Air is. You will only need to walk a few blocks from here.

Bel Air Frescoes Photo Gallery

I took my kids to discover the mural paintings. It was our first discovery of this new tourist attraction in Chartres. We were so impressed by this art works, my daughter even said: "The ones who have done this painting must be the great artists!"

Want to know how the Bel Air Frescoes look like? Enjoy my photos!

The Old City on

Here we are in the old city of Chartres! You can find this scene in real somewhere along the Eure river. If you ever see a black and white cat on that image... it's a real one!

The old houses on Bel Air Fresc

This apartment building represents the old houses in Bords de L'Eure.

The old bridge on Bel Air fresco

You can find the real old bridge when doing a promenade to the old city of Chartres.

Bord de L'Eure painting on Bel Air fresco

Another facade of Bords de L"Eure theme that shows le lavoir - a wash house in the river bank.

Bords de L'Eure painting

The last facade of the building that represents Bords de L'Eure.

Chartres Historic city

This painting represents Chartres as a historic city.

Stained-glass windows

Remember the stained-glass windows of the cathedral?

Pesonnages on Bel Air Fresc

I took this candid photo of my kids while looking at the man and a boy painting. They said:
"Mom, didn't we cross path that man in the painting just now?"

They're right, some personages that you can find on the painting were the people who live there.

The capital of perfumes

This apartment building with flowers painting represent the perfumes. Chartres is known as the capital of perfumes.

Rose petals on Bel Air Fresco

The rose petals on another facade.

La Beauce

La Beauce, the most productive agriculture area in France also the first cereal producer. It is principally located in Eure-et-Loir where Chartres is the capital.

The landscape of Beauce

This facade shows you the landscape of Beauce

The poultr

My daughter was introducing those poultry name to her brother.

The Bel Air residents are so proud of their new look of their apartments, which now become a new tourist attraction in Chartres. Seeing people come and take pictures of their homes is now becoming a usual thing for them.

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