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Chartres Perfume Festival
So What's Your Favorite Perfume?

Chartres Perfume Festival - Fête du Parfums is an annual event which usually takes place on May.

This event is in tune with the slogan "Chartres is the capital of Perfumes"

Why Chartres calls it self as the capital of perfumes?

Simply because Cosmetic Valley head office stands in Chartres, a small building in line between the cathedral and Chartres Tourist Office.

Cosmetic Valley is the first world wide network in cosmetic and perfumery. Many international brands of cosmetic and perfumes are issued of this networks - I would mention a few like Paco Rabanne, Guerlain, Nina Ricci, Lancome, Shiseido or even Sarah Jessice Parker and still many more.

Cosmetic Valley Head Office - Chartre

Cosmetic Valley Head Office

What's on Chartres Perfumes Festival

It was in 2011, finally I managed to spend my time to visit the festival for the first time. The festival lasted for a week - several days longer than the previous years, which usually takes place only on a weekend.

Some activities related to beauty and perfume were held on different spots such as exhibition at Cosmetic Valley Office and Maison du Saumon, business conference at Hotel de Ville of Chartres etc.

That day I did my visit in a school day (instead of weekend!) so my kids could not come with me.

I visited the exhibition room in the first floor of a building just in front of Cosmetic Valley Office.

Chartres Perfumes Festival Exhibition

Almost no visitors that morning, I think because that day was not a holiday, everybody went to work and children went to school and the tourists?

The tourists? They might not even notice about this event! This was just a thought though... However, the stand girl explained to me that many tourists and local people did not notice the additional days of the festival that time. They thought the festival was over and she told me that the peak days were indeed during the weekend. As I told you before that this festival usually takes place in only a weekend.

She took me then to another room to explain about Cosmetic Valley. So surprised as I saw many famous perfumes were shown there.

Guerlain cosmetic

Guerlain cosmetic

Jennifer Lopez Live perfume

I saw Jennifer Lopez! I mean... I saw Jennifer Lopez Live perfume.
JLo perfume is made in Chartres!

Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka was there too! Is it your perfume?

Paco Rabanne and Nina Ricci

How about this one? Paco Rabanne and Nina Ricci!

Kids could have fun too - Arrived in the second floor was all about training our sense of smell to recognize all kind of odor and its origins.

Kids and the parents of course may have experience with all the fun equipments there.

Kids could have fun too

Which one is the origin of the perfume of these different plants?
From the leaves, the root or the flower?

Now moving to the top floor - The exhibition was to explain us how to produce perfumes, let us know what could be the main materials of the perfumes...

Materials for perfume

Perfume Ingredients could be as simple as this...

...and discover how to design the perfume bottles. Look at the perfume bottle of Perfume Dior - as what Charlize Theron says " J'adore...Dior!"

Perfume bottles collection

Some perfume bottles collection

I like to collect my perfume bottles... Do you have one of them at home?

Exhibition at Maison du Saumon,Chartres

Exhibition at Maison du Saumon

Black XS Perfume

Black XS Perfume and more perfumes from Cosmetic Valley.

Some business conference and activities were also presented. Are you interested in the business opportunity or just planning to have fun on Chartres Perfume Festival?

Fête du Parfum 2013 will be held on May 25 to 31!

AUTRICA - New Perfume of Chartres

Autrica - Perfume of Chartres

Chartres now has its own perfume! The official launching of this new perfume named Autrica on June 2, 2012.

The name Autrica is taken from the initial name of Chartres city - Autricum.

So how is Autrica looks like? How would be the perfume bottle package? How is the fragrant? Would it be your new perfume? You can buy this perfume only in Chartres Tourist Office for 42€.

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