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Chartres Cathedral Garden Pictures

Chartres cathedral garden pictures collection show you almost every corner of the garden, which is situated behind the cathedral and Fine-Art museum on the upper and lower land.

The original name is Jardin de l'Évêché or in English is Bishop's Palace garden but due to my poor French pronunciation, I'd love to call it as Chartres cathedral garden.

The bishop's palace is now known as Fine-Art Museum.

How is the garden and what you can see and do there? I hope you could find the answer from my photos collection in this page.

Enjoy my Chartres Cathedral Garden Pictures collection!

You can get this view when you enter from Fine-Art museum gate. This picture was taken in winter, a day on February.

The map board - Histoire de la Cité

Histoire de la Cité - the map board shows what you can see from the upper land of Chartres Cathedral Garden.

I recommend you to bring a binocular in order to view what were mentioned on the map board. If you don't have one with you, binoculars rental is available at Chartres Tourism Office.

Children in Chartes cathedral garde

Or see what is down there... but be careful not to let yourself falling down! It always makes me worry when seeing my kids half climbing the wall to see the maze garden down there.

Chartres cathedral garden - view from the map board

Here's what you can see when you stand behind the map board!

The stairs in Chartres cathederal garden

The stairs that lead you to the lower part of the garden.

Running down the hil

"Mom, I'm running down the hill....."
I wonder why my daughter prefer running down across the green grass rather than using the step stairs!

The step stairs.

Again... the step stairs...

The step stairs

Still the same step stairs, this time the picture is taken from the other side.

View over Chartre cathedral

View over the cathedral

Students in Chartres Cathedral garden

A group of students who spent their lunch time in the garden, even they had their lunch here.

The retaining wall of Bishop's Palace Garde

The retaining wall of 17th century

Children in Chartres labyrinth garde

The maze garden, a romantic place for young couples... or perfect place for children to running the labyrinth instead of walking!

Students in Chartres labyrinth garde

Another group of students who visited the labyrinth garden...

Children rolling down in Chartres Cathedral garden

... and spent a little time to rolling down on the green grass.

Lunch in Chartres Cathedral garde

Quite a nice place to have a break!
That day, my friend and I were having our lunch here.

Chartres cathderal and Fine-Art Museum

View over the cathedral, the back side of Fine-Art museum building and the cone-cut trees.

A commemorative plaque of Jean Mouli

The memorial plaque to Jean Moulin, somewhere on the foot of the retaining wall.

I hope you enjoy my Chartres cathedral garden pictures collection.

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